Feb 15, 2021 | Architecture / interior, Spatial Value Domain, Sustainability


An open space where anyone can come to work, to experiment, or to enjoy life.

The Konan area, just a few minutes' walk from Tokyo's Shinagawa Station, is where many global firms have their offices. From our KOKUYO Shinagawa office, which was established in 1979, we've watched the cityscape change and grow for more than 40 years. It's not only the landscape we've seen changing. As technology and globalisation advance, and individuals face a variety of new social challenges, people's values and ways of life are changing dramatically. In this context, we at KOKUYO have decided we want to explore the potential of what an office can be. Through KOKUYO's NEXT EXPERIENCE activities -- where we adopt a long-term perspective to find solutions for today's challenges -- we aim to create future value. So, we designed THE CAMPUS as a place where people with different levels of expertise and experience could come together to experiment and try to make their ideas a reality.

campus stair campus stair

A space to experiment and try new things

THE CAMPUS was created to be an open space where anyone can come to work or simply enjoy life. We call this concept "Open space for Work and Life". In addition to those working at the KOKUYO office, our customers and people from the community are welcome to come and use this space. At a time when the boundary between work and life is blurring, it's only natural for the relationship between the city and the office to change, too. We've opened up our office, which had been closed to the public, and made it a place for everyone. By doing this, we're encouraging a mixing of work and the community that had been unimaginable before. It's something that's teaching us to welcome freedom and discovery, and we are learning about the kinds of new experiences and new ideas this could bring about. This desire to experiment and try new things is the very reason we decided to create THE CAMPUS. KOKUYO's employees have extensive expertise in planning and design, so -- apart from the actual construction -- our designers and architects were responsible for every aspect of creating the visual identity of the space.

campus interior


We welcome our clients and people from the neighbourhood to use the public areas in and around our building, as well. This will present us with opportunities to learn how we can further enrich the lives of our employees and those in our community. KOKUYO will benefit from incorporating the perspectives and knowledge of those outside the company, and this will lead to future value.

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In the same way that our employees love to experiment, we want to try out new ways of working. This is a particular area of focus for us at KOKUYO. In our LIVE OFFICE, customers can experience the process and the results of that spirit of experimentation.

live office

About the visual identity of THE CAMPUS

With THE CAMPUS, we've updated the idea of what an office can be, and it will continually be evolving as we encounter diverse values. So, the graphic symbol we've created visualises these elements, and it's used on signboards, PR materials, and our own original goods. The logo is a simple and solid shape, and we've chosen pink as its base colour to evoke boundless new beginnings. The three-dimensional capital C signifies the space and the openness of THE CAMPUS. By combining multiple graphic designs, and not being bound by one image, it expresses the diversity of the activities that can be done.

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