Basic Concepts

The KOKUYO Group began when founder Zentaro Kuroda opened a small shop selling ledger covers made with Japanese paper in 1905. The founder moved from his village to Osaka with the aspiration of making his business the pride of his hometown Etchu (present-day Toyama Prefecture). Through the brand KOKUYO (国誉), which is the current company name KOKUYO (コクヨ), his aspiration has been passed down to the KOKUYO Group and captured in its business. In 2004, we enacted the KOKUYO Group CSR Charter based on our corporate philosophy to establish better relations with various stakeholders as a good corporate citizen (which was partially revised in 2012). Our basic policy for ensuring the ongoing growth of society and the KOKUYO Group has been clarified in line with five key themes: our customers, regional communities, environmental conservation, corporate activities, and respect for human rights.

KOKUYO's CSR Charter

While remaining profitable and honest in its business practices, KOKUYO conducts business that is necessary for society. In addition to complying with laws and regulations, we seek to maintain continuity of our business by acquiring the trust of all related stakeholders, investors, and, of course, our customers by fulfilling our social responsibilities as a corporate citizen.

KOKUYO's CSR Charter

Strive to be a trusted ‘corporate citizen’ on both regional and national levels via proactive interaction and planning with regional communities ...


When born into this world, a child has nothing to call its own. Our bodies, minds, and spirits grow and are nourished by the love of our parents and families, the guidance and discipline of our teachers, and the encouragement of society as a whole.

We grow and mature and adopt vocations suitable to ourselves and the education instilled in us. These vocations must be pursued with the utmost diligence and gain the trust of colleagues, clients, and communities around us. The only way to secure this trust is to act with absolute sincerity in every action and endeavor undertaken.

In this way, our endeavors succeed in and of themselves, and we are happy in our vocations. “Sincerity not only in words but also in action” – this is the KOKUYO creed.